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  • John on Welcome to Magic 882 Great station, fantastic music. It is great to have Moyd back, thanks to him and Loretta my wife and myself got to see the ... more
  • John R on Welcome to Magic 882 Coming in great at St George using Tunein app/interface. It was like wise while we volunteered in Thailand for 18 months. I ... more
  • Mikey Oliver on Welcome to Magic 882 I just love driving home with the better music variety and getting the laughs I need after a hard day's work. more
  • tony on Welcome to Magic 882 firstly well done i switched from the other station as soon i herd the Ian K was joining your station great move. Are you ... more
  • Lynette on Welcome to Magic 882 Love it!!! Sorry to see some great presenters go, nice to have Moyd back - but what about Loretta??? Looking forward to ... more
  • john on Welcome to Magic 882 Great to see you have gain a great voice like Ian Keenan from 4KQ now what about getting The Continuous Call Team on the ... more
  • Victor Hillier on Welcome to Magic 882 I like the look of the new 882 Only thing I would like to return is Band Stand on Saturday night I love the Mousic that you ... more
  • Shayne on Welcome to Magic 882 Ian Keenan will be an asset - I won't be the only one to follow him to your station. All the best more
  • Jason & Lissy on Welcome to Magic 882 Jo Henderson is doing Nights she was Music programmer and Morning Host at 973FM More announcmnst will be made closer to the ... more
  • Matt on Welcome to Magic 882 My mum might not like this, sh doesn't like change.I however Like the easy mix of new songs 4BH has been playing recently, I ... more
  • steve crump on Welcome to Magic 882 Hi,I live in the uk and love 4BH, but for the last 2 weeks I can't find you on either of my 2 internet radios (I can on my ... more
  • CAROLYN on Having issues streaming MAGIC? Up until a few weeks ago I have been able to listen to you on my Internet radio here in th UK. It now tries to connect to ... more
  • Nancy Kuhl on Welcome to Magic 882 I like the new line up for 2014 what about weekends and nights are Steve Barker,DonnaLynch and Greg Newman staying. more
  • Edward Thirkill on Welcome to Magic 882 Who will be doing weekends? more
  • Joy Scully on New song from Paul McCartney I agree with my friend Jim Gorring.I also relay like Paul's new song. He's still got what it takes!! :) more
  • Jim Gorring on New song from Paul McCartney I really like this song already, & that is not always the case when first hearing a new song. more
  • tarek on Buble baby born so sweet baby,i wanna know more about this baby. more
  • Paula on New song from Paul McCartney New is a Paul McCartney winner, pure magic as usual. Thank you for the music. more
  • Lord John on New song from Paul McCartney Excellent stuff from the great one more
  • Mike Duggan on Jo Camilleri's tribute Hi,I'd love to go to see "Here comes the night...My disability prevents me from affording tickets; my speech which can be ... more

Bill Goode and the Bee Gees

Posted by: Staff writers | 13 February, 2013 - 4:04 PM

4BH Bee Gees Home: Bill Goode was one of the first to give the Brother’s Gibb a gig playing on the back of a truck at Redcliffe Speedway. This is Part 1 of his story as told to Michael Price

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  • Would like to join there fan club what is the address please

    Donna Campbell Friday 21 June, 2013 - 2:08 PM
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  • Well put, sir, well put. I'll creatinly make note of that.

    Genevieve Monday 10 June, 2013 - 4:00 PM
  • The photo of Bill was taken in our shed.We now own the car.

    Judy Wixted Sunday 17 February, 2013 - 9:42 AM

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